Messenger most secure in the world, where they can be found

Privacy security is now a priority for everyone. Many messengers application in the world, but where they really find comfort and security that is really safe. There is no absolute guarantees insecurity in cyberspace. Wickr Wickr-Top Secret Messenger may be an option for the security of the messenger.

Wickr-Top Secret Messenger most secure in the world

Founder Wickr claims that messenger application Wickr is a messenger application of the safest in the world. Wickr very concerned about the privacy of its users.

Wickr Parties undertake to protect the security of its users. Contact list, content, and other personal information as a secret. Wickr does not upload a user's contact list to a server Wickr, so that the user's security will always be maintained.

Wickr released version 2.0 (Wickr-Top Secret Messenger) make changes it the terms of appearance. Wickr-Top Secret Messenger is available for Android and iOS devices, and can be found in the online application store The App Store or Google Play.

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