Strongest Samsung Galaxy S4

Strongest Samsung Galaxy S4 | Samsung Galaxy S4 using octa-core processor that very powerful and very fast, S4 larger screen than the previous generation and S4 has a better resolution, with a 5-inch AMOLED HD 1018px at 441ppi density greater than that found on the iPhone 5 (321ppi). More elegant design and some new features which display a number of good choices, but unfortunately for the screen display is not so bright.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 screen sensitivity that allows the touch screen works fine because the screen can be navigated without having to touch the screen. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is the first phone to be thinner and stronger glass.

Galaxy S4 0.7 mm thinner than the previous generation Galaxy S3. Construction Galaxy S4 casing is less than optimal, but in view, S4 has premium features.

Galaxy S4 has a 2600mAh battery that has a capacity higher than the Galaxy S3 which has a battery power of 2100mAh. However, we must remember that the new features and larger screens, mobile phones require more power to operate. The s4 battery can last almost a full day while regular use. In the Galaxy S4, promo can last almost 20 hours.

One of the new features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is eye tracking and navigation gestures. Navigation allows the eye to increase or decrease the page by simply watching it. S4 is also equipped with S Translator application, to translate the language according to the language we want. Galaxy S4 equipped S Health, among others to monitor your heart rate etc.

Before turning to the Samsung Galaxy S4, first, consider the usability and functionality. So this smartphone technology can be fully utilized.